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Caribbean Poker Guide

Caribbean Poker Guide

On this page we will provide an in-depth guide to Caribbean Poker, which can be found both at land-based casinos and online.

Caribbean Poker is a relatively new game and dates back only to the eighties. It is probably the newest of all versions of poker. In fact, it is not really a poker game, even though there are similarities, it is played against the dealer rather than other players.

No one is really quite sure how it started, although the general consensus is that is originated in the Caribbean region. Casinos in the Caribbean didn’t offer poker because the involvement of the house was minimal, and therefore revenues from poker weren’t very high. The casinos soon invented a local version of poker that featured Five Card Stud. The first Caribbean casino was reported to be in Aruba on the grounds of what is now the Excelsior Casino.

This new version of poker was a cross between poker and blackjack. As in poker, players had to beat the dealer by gaining a winning hand, and as in blackjack there was an element of betting involved.

Caribbean Poker has two popular versions – Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold’em Poker. We will provide a brief overview of both variant below.

Caribbean Stud Poker

At the start of the game, each player has to bet an Ante wager. He can also bet for the Progressive Jackpot, although he has to have an Ante wager in place to be eligible to bet on the Progressive jackpot. The dealer deals five cards, 4 cards face down and one card is faced up. The player has to examine his cards and decide whether he wants to fold or bet. If the player decides to fold, he places his cards face down. If on the other hand, he decides to make another wager, he has to place the wager on the area labelled bet. This new wager has to be twice as big as the Ante wager.

The main difference between Caribbean Stud Poker and regular poker is that in Caribbean Poker the player plays against the dealer and not against each other. All you have to do to win is play a five card hand that’s better than the dealers. If you’re dealt a pair or better, then that’s a sign to raise. If on the other hand your hand is weaker than what the dealer needs to raise, then you’re better off folding.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker

This is played along the lines of Texas Hold’em poker against the Casino. It is very similar to Casino Hold’em. In this game, you are eligible to win a progressive jackpot, if you make an additional bet. You can win part of or the entire jackpot, depending on your hand. For instance, if you have an ace high straight flush, also called a Royal Flush, on the first two player cards and first three community cards – the first five cards in all – you win the Progressive jackpot. The jackpot here can be shared with the Caribbean Stud Poker one, allowing you to accrue the prize.

Caribbean Poker Online

The availability of almost all the major casino games online has made Caribbean Poker available to the lay person too. While in a real life casino, you would be able to sit together with four other players around a card table, in online Caribbean Poker, you play against the machine. Since real life Caribbean poker has you playing only against the dealer anyway, the game is easily and smoothly carried over to the online realm.

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