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Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack Strategies

When you decide to take blackjack a bit more seriously then you will start looking at different strategies that you can use. You will hear plenty of talk about the different strategies available to you. Martingales, The Labouchere, Fibonacci, the list goes on and on. In fact you could probably write and entire book solely based on different strategies that players can use when playing at the blackjack tables.

When you delve a bit deeper you will find that despite there being so many different betting strategies for blackjack, they all pretty much fall into one of two possible categories. These two categories are: negative progression strategies and positive progression strategies. What on earth are these and which is better for you to use? Let’s take a look.

Firstly what are the differences? A negative progression strategy is one where the player is meant to increase the size of their bet (the actual change in bet size will differ from strategy to strategy) every time they lose a bet. Whereas a positive progression strategy is one where the bets will be changed every time the player wins a bet.

For example, Martingales is a negative progression strategy whereby the player is told to double the size of their bets every time they lose a bet then return back to their original bet size when they eventually win a bet and keep it there until they lose a bet at which point they start the doubling journey again.

You can get a positive version of martingales, where the player only doubles their bet every time they win a bet and remains constant when they are losing. With this said, which for of strategy is best? Positive or negative progression.

This is a harder question to answer as there is no definitive answer. Instead each offer the player a different experience. Negative progression strategies tend to be “go big or go home” type strategies, where the player will either win a lot or lose a lot when employing the strategy. Positive progression strategies on the other hand tend to be less volatile. They offer the player a less risky proposition, but also generally will not provide them with the big wins that a negative progression strategy would.

Take care when you choose your strategies to play blackjack with. Your strategy is your friend and will help you through the good and the bad times when you are playing. So choose wisely.

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