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Bingo is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages (21+) across the United States and Canada. It is a game of chance that is very easy to learn and requires minimum skill to play. Bingo includes 5×5 matrices which are presented to each player and may appear on paper or cardstock. In some cases the matrices are electronically available, depending on the location of the game. These matrices are commonly called cards.

The matrices have numbers paired with letters in squares or circles. In most games of bingo, the objective is to get five of these numbers in succession, whether they be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The first individual to obtain this order is encouraged to yell “BINGO!” in order to let other players know there is a possible win, and the possibility of the game in session ending. After the initial person yells Bingo, his or her card is checked for accuracy. Money is a common prize for this game, but objects and door prizes may also be presented to the winner.

The numbers are randomly called, and may be drawn electronically or mechanically where a cage mixes small wooden balls or ping pong balls, with the numbers on them, by being turned. Both methods turn out a string of random numbers which the players then cover up, or color in the matching pairs on their own cards.

Bingo is commonly held in churches, and has modest stakes. These games are usually held on the church premises on the weekends, but due to the gambling laws in each state, may have to be moved to certified “Bingo halls”. These specific games usually have two types of jackpots. The progressive Jackpot, which increases per session until it is won, and the coverall jackpot, which offers a larger valued prize for matching a certain quantity of numbers and is commonly rewarded at the end of a final game in a session.

There are multiple variations of bingo where the objective may be different than that of the original game. Alternative methods may include instances where only one number is matched; another may call for the entire card to be covered before the game is won. There are even some bingo halls that reward individuals for matching no numbers, or for not accomplishing any pattern at all.

Due to today’s technology, Electronic bingo is becoming an increasingly favorable method among players. Being much like the electronic slot machine, Electronic bingo lets an individual play against other players, or against the house where the prize is valued higher than at a charitable event. It is preferred by people in states where electronic gambling is legal, and in regions where online gambling is readily available. Due to the minimum skill needed to play, it’s no wonder that Bingo has been around since 1530, where it originated in Italy.

Bingo will continue to be played across the world. From charity events to casinos, it will persist and keep changing to meet modern needs and trends. Generations will continue to enjoy this easy game and will most certainly be around for centuries to come.

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