Betting Movies

Betting Movies

Everyone loves to immerse themselves in a good movie sometimes. Sometimes you just want to watch for the escape from reality and others you want some inspiration. Whatever your motivation, watching movies can be great. Betting on sport is also great, so here is a list of my favourite movies that contain at least some reference to sports betting:


As the title would suggest this movie revolves around betting. The main story line is about a few college students that set up a successful bookmaking business in their town but soon they bite off more than they can chew when they realise they have been affecting the business of the Italian mafia.

Smart Money

This is a movie about a guy who has huge dreams of being a successful stock trader on the New York Stock Exchange. To fund himself on his journey towards this dream he gets involved with an underground sports betting syndicate. Soon he is in a bit too deep and has to make some difficult choices.

The Color of Money

Not so much about betting with a bookmaker but it is still of a similar nature. Tom cruise plays a pool shark that is on a journey through to the world of the high stakes pool halls.

Lay the favorite

This is a Bruce Willis movie where he plays a guy that bets on sports for a living. He is a number cruncher that loves to study the form and every possible variable of the game or sport he is betting on. He uses these skills to predict the outcomes of some big sporting events for some large bets he places.

Owning Mahony

Sports betting isn’t the central theme of this movie but it does play a part. The movie is more about gambling as a whole. It is a true story of a bank employee who was a severe gambling addict and used the banks money to fuel his addiction. Everything quickly spirals out of control.


While the theme of betting on sport are is very faint in this movie it is there. There is betting on boxing as well as some other things. I put this movie on the list simply because it is a great movie and does satisfy the betting criteria to a point. Brad Pitt is excellent in the movie as an irish traveller who is also a great boxer. If you have never seen this movie it is well worth the time to give it a look.

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