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Basketball in Sports Betting

Basketball in Sports Betting

About Basketball

As one of the leading indoor sports out there, it is no surprise that this court-based game has a big following in the online sports betting world. Played all over the world, this simple game involves shooting balls through a hoop 10 feet off the ground. Basketball is popular all over the world, and there are both domestic leagues and international competitions for players. Basketball also appears at the Olympic Games.

The biggest basketball league in the world is the NBA (National Basketball Association) in the United States and Canada. The competition features 30 teams, and begins in October. The season ends in April, when the playoffs begin. European basketball features a top multi-national competition known as the Euroleague. The teams in the league rotate every year, and usually consist of the national champions from various domestic basketball leagues in Europe.

Betting on Basketball

Most basketball bets are placed on the NBA, although Euroleague basketball is growing across the world. The most popular types of bets in basketball tend to be Moneyline Bets. These are bets placed on a direct winner of a game.

Handicap betting is also possible, and these bets are usually offered by bookies when one team is a clear favourite to win over the other. Totals can also be bet on, and involve betting on the total amount of bets that both teams will score in a game.

Of course, there are other basketball bets, too, but these generally tend to be based on players and team performances, rather than the direct outcome of a game. You stand a far less chance of landing these, but they do tend to pay dividends if they come good. If you’re new to basketball betting, play it safe and wager with a Moneyline Bet.

Betting tips and strategies

Basketball is a great sport to bet on underdogs. Statistics reveal that in the NBA, underdogs with a handicap of +12 are likely to be victorious 53% of the time. That makes them well worth a bet if you do love a good old underdog-style bet.

Totals are quite popular to go for, and with good reason. Totals in European basketball competitions tend to be within 120 to 160 points, whilst NBA totals tend to be within 180 and 220 points. These figures are good to have in your head when placing total bets on basketball games at your favourite online sportsbooks.

Major Basketball sports events

Basketball at the Olympic Games
Basketball at the Commonwealth Games
NBA All-Star Game
NBA Finals
NCAA Men’s Final Four / March Madness
The FIBA Basketball World Cup

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