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Baseball in Sports Betting

Baseball in Sports Betting

About Baseball

Baseball is most popular in the United States, but there are many countries in the world which also play this ball and bat sport. Baseball evolved from other ball and bat sports in England, and was one of the first sports to appear in North America. Today, it is still largely the Americas and Asia, which play this game, and it is a huge lure for sports betting fans when the season is active.

The biggest competition in baseball is considered to be Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada. The Major League Baseball season begins on the first Sunday in April, and ends on the first Sunday in October, after which a total of 162 games will have played per team. There are 30 teams competing in the league in total. The two top teams in MLB then compete against each other in the World Series. International baseball competitions are also quite popular amongst baseball sports betting fans.

Betting on Baseball

There are many types of baseball bets. Moneyline Wagering is considered to be the primary way to bet on baseball. This simply involves betting on which side will win the game. There are no draws in baseball, so this is a simple enough bet to grasp. Amateurs would do well to start here.

By contrast, Runlines are still bets on winning teams, although with a point spread. Overs and Unders are bets based on the amount of runs score by both of the teams in a game, whilst Prop bets involve wagering on the number of hits, or strikeouts and hitter or pitcher may collect in a match.

Many of the other betting options in baseball require a considerable amount of research and homework to be done by the player, and include Dime Lines, Overnight Lines, and more.

Betting tips and strategies

Many people consider baseball to be a sport which is inundated with luck. With that in mind, sometimes the favourites don’t always win. With 162 games to be played, there is every chance that a team is going to have an off night. As a general rule, then, don’t bet wildly on teams which are clear favourites.

Other things to consider when wagering on baseball games are the venue, the weather, and rivalries. Rivalries between two teams can often bring out the best in the underdog, whilst weather can seriously affect swing, and pitches. Bear in mind these variables, and you should be well placed to make an informed baseball bet at your favourite bookie.

Major Baseball sports events

Baseball at the Olympic Games
Major League Baseball All-Star Week
Major League Baseball World Series
The World Baseball Classic

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