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When looking for the game of sophistication, played by all the highest rollers in the world, there is absolutely no need to look any further than Baccarat. Consistently being the game with the most money wagered on it in casinos all around the world. This is not because it is the most heavily participated in, but because it is the game that attracts the high rollers looking to gamble while still maintaining the luxurious lifestyle they are accustomed too.

Online Baccarat is not different. Still offering the luxury and sophistication of the game without having to be in the locality of a respected gambling establishment. The reason that Baccarat is so popular is not hard to discover. It is the perfect happy medium game. For example, roulette is too much of a pure chance game to be exciting to many, while blackjack has too much complex strategy involved that requires memorisation before you stand a chance of winning.

Baccarat on the other hand (pronounced with a silent “t”, like, back – ah – rah) is not purely a game of chance. It does involve strategy, but not so much that concentrating on the correct strategy detracts from the enjoyment of the game itself.

Of course, as with all games, the internet now allows people to play Baccarat that couldn’t in the past. Either because they did not have the bankroll to play, or they simply did not live close enough to a casino that offered Baccarat to players.

The game itself is not difficult to grasp. Players have the choice of either betting on each other (the players) to win, the banker (the dealer) to win, or a tie. The players and the banker are then dealt two cards each and the aim of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible. Aces count as one and tens through to kings count as zero.

If the hand value goes over 9, then it rolls back. For example if a player is dealt a 7 and an 8 then their hand value is 5 and not 15. This means that it is impossible for a player to “bust”. If the player gets 8 or 9 in the first two cards, this is known as a natural and they automatically win unless the banker also has a natural. The same applies to the banker.

A player with a hand value of 6 or 7 is forced to stand and value of 0-5 is forced to hit. That is the entirety of the rules of Baccarat. So get to it and start living the high life of absolute luxury with this sophisticated game.

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