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Aussie Rules in Sports Betting

Aussie Rules in Sports Betting

About Aussie Rules

Australian Rules football, or Aussie Rules is certainly considered unique to Australia, with few other countries participating in the game. This sport is easily watched by the most people in Australia, and many Australian sports fans love to have a punt of the games.

The top division in Aussie Rules is the AFL (Australian Football League), which features 18 teams. The season runs for a total of 23 rounds from March until September, followed by a 4-round play-off system, which culminates in the AFL Grand Final. Although there are other competitions (including women’s and international tournaments), the AFL League is the most popular competition to bet on.

Betting on Aussie Rules

Since the advent of online sportsbooks, betting on Aussie Rules football has grown exponentially. Instead of having to pop down to the local bookies to place bets, Australian players can now wager at the click of a button, and that really has changed the industry and helped it to grow.

One way to bet on games is a Head to Head Bet. This involves betting on one of the two competing teams in a match to win the game. The is the same type of bet as you would expect to find in any typical sporting event, irrespective of the sport in question.

Another major type of bet in Aussie Rules football is a Points Bet. With these, players are wagering on the points difference between the two teams in a game. These can often result in some pretty decent odds. They will at least be considerably better than a Head to Head Bet.

Margin Betting is also possible in Australian Rules football. These margins bets typically involve 1-39 points, or more than 40 points. Although trickier to pull off, the prizes are again worth more with these fancied types of bets.

Betting tips and strategies

As with most sports bets, it is important that players fully understand the game. Australian Rules football is played on grounds of varying sizes. Some teams specialise on specific size fields, so that could work to your advantage when picking Head to Head bets.

Australia is a big country. Well, it is a continent, really. Unlike sports played in smaller countries, the players have to travel a long way for matches, often in hot conditions. That can have a detrimental effect on away teams, which may be worth considering when wagering on Aussie Rules football.

Major Aussie Rules sports events

AFL European Challenge
EPG Easter Series
Euro Cup
European Championships
Multicultural Cup

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