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An Overview of Random Number Generators

An Overview of Random Number Generators

Random number generators are used by both online and land based casinos in their game machines. This is the only way casinos can ensure that everyone has a fair shot of winning. The generator creates a random series of numbers for each casino game. Every slot machine in ever casino that exists uses this generator. The outcome of any spin in any slot machine game is randomly determined, partly so the casino can’t be held responsible for a gambler’s loss.

Unlike many other machines random number generators process numbers even when turned off. A number is chosen every millisecond that the generator is in working condition. Generators have billions of numbers to choose from, making it impossible to determine the numbers that will be chosen at any given time.

Anytime that a gambler spins the reels in a slot machine game the generator records one number for each reel that is spun. For example, three reel slot machines have three numbers chosen by the random generator while five reel slot machines have five chosen. The numbers that are chosen dictate what each reel will land on for any given spin. The random number generator chooses the symbol that will show up on the reel. Through division, the machine produces a number that results in a certain number of wins being possible.

Many gamblers have come to distrust random number generators. The random number generators that most casinos use mean that players have anywhere from a 90% to a 98% chance to walk away from the game as a winner. This percentage is used to determine the house edge of every casino, both online and offline. When the percentage is less than 100% the casino can count on winning in the long run. Casinos are required to ensure that their payout percentage remains in the 90 to 98% range.

What those who don’t trust random number generators don’t realize is that they are put through statistical testing to ensure that there are no set patterns when it comes to choosing numbers. Random number generators work on the principle that results are measured against any biases found in the selection process.

The starting point for the process used by random number generators is referred to as a seed. The application of this process is not practical for any casino as it puts a damper on slot machine games in which the outcome of the game can be predicted in advance. This turns off many gamblers and is one of the reasons why it is not unusual to distrust casinos.

Options for generating random numbers include acceptance/rejection and inversion. In the acceptance/rejection approach random number choices are generated by picking one value over another. The rejected number is then passed over and an algorithm determines the next number choice until the generator begins to choose numbers flawlessly.

These methods allow casinos to fairly choose numbers in a way that makes each gaming experience fair for all players.

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