An overview of online casino bonuses

An overview of online casino bonuses

Virtually every online casino offers bonuses to its players. There are many ways in which online casino bonuses benefit players and the casino. While online casino bonuses are marketed at free money, the truth is that very little in life is actually free. Therefore, it is safe to say that casino bonuses can and do end up costing players money.

No matter what the terms of a particular online casino bonus are, there are more to them than meets the eye. In most cases, in order to actually be able to keep and use a casino bonus players must gamble some of their own money away. Unscrupulous online casinos will require their players to gamble away at least twice the amount of the bonus they received, if not more.

No two casino bonuses will cost a player exactly the same amount of money. In order to calculate how much a particular casino bonus will cost, players must take into account the casino’s wagering requirement as well as the house edge and contributing percentage. These three factors determine what a player will spend to be able to take advantage of the casino bonus offered.

A wagering requirement is defined as how many times players must bet not only the amount of the casino bonus but the amount of the deposit they made in order to get it. At most online casinos players must gamble anywhere from 20 to 40 times the amount the bonus is worth before they can claim any winnings from it.

Most gamblers realize that house edge is defined as the percentage of a player’s bet that becomes profit for the casino. For example, if a casino has a house edge of 2% it is expected that they will make a 2% profit from each players bets. Every casino game at both online and land based establishments have a house edge. Blackjack is the casino game with the smallest house edge, at 1%, while Keno is the casino game with the largest house edge, typically at least 50%. The higher the house edge is the longer a player will have to gamble in order to win more than they spent.

A contributing percentage is defined as how much a specific game counts when it comes to fulfilling an online casino’s wagering requirements. This benefits slot machine players the most, as the typical online casino’s contributing percentage equals 100%. However, when it comes to table games such as Blackjack, the contributing percentage can be as low as 8%.

When all three of these factors are put together, it spells profit for online casinos and losses to their players. Online casinos expect their players to lose more money than they received from the bonus. This can be a controversial subject in the industry and is the reason that some gamblers have resisted the online casino craze.

It is unlikely that online casinos will ever stop offering bonuses to their players, making it important to understand them.

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