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About Dealer’s Choice

About Dealer’s Choice

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Dealer’s Choice is a style of poker where each player may deal a different variant. As the deal passes clockwise around the table, each player chooses a variant which is either played just for the current hand or for an entire orbit. It is a common Choice for home games, where the tone of the game is usually more recreational than competitive. Dealer’s Choice games often break from the typical forms of poker through the use of wild cards, burn cards, and kill cards in addition to variations on betting structure. The majority of the dealer’s Choice poker games were derived from children’s games such as Chase the Ace and 7/27.


Texas Hold’em rules are used, but instead of 2 hole cards 3 are dealt and one of them is to be discarded before the flop. Then play according to the classic Texas Hold’em rules.

Crazy Pineapple

Just like in Pineapple you receive 3 cards but only after the flop each player discards a hole card. Then play according to the classic Texas Hold’em rules.

Crazy Pineapple with replacement

It is Crazy Pineapple with an exception. Once the river cards are shown, each player has the option to exchange one of his hole cards for a fee (Usually, it is 2-4 times more than the betting limit). The player discards a hole card first and only after he receives a card from the deck. It can be played high/low split or high/low eight or better.

There are many other forms of poker which are included in modern dealer’s Choice games. Some of these games may include: 7-card stud, 7-card stud hi/lo, 5 card draw/stud, omaha, omaha 8, razz, lowball, and blind-ante games such as “guts”. There are also several popular stud game variations which are commonly seen at a dealer’s Choice game which include “baseball, follow the queen, and the black mariah.

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