A trip to Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas

A group of friends went on a gambling trip to Las Vegas. They made a pact that whoever wins big would treat the rest of the group to a free vacation in Vegas the following year.

While playing at a casino, one of the group members won $100,000 in a card game. Not wishing to honor his promise to the rest of the group, he immediately left the casino and took a plane home.

Once at home, he dug a hole in his backyard and buried the money.

The following day he discovered that someone had dug up the money and stolen it. He followed the footprints to the house of his deaf and dumb neighbor.

Immediately, he went back home and fetched his rifle. Then walking across the street, he forced the professor who knew sign language to accompany him to the house of the suspected thief.

When they got there, the angry casino winner told the professor to tell his neighbor, “If you don’t give me back the money, I’m going to kill you.”

The professor relayed the message to the suspected thief by sign language.

“I was going to give it back. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. I buried the money underneath the Cherry tree in my backyard.” signed the neighbor

“He said that he will never tell you where he hid the money. He would rather die first.” replied the professor.

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