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A Gambler’s Worst Enemy

A Gambler’s Worst Enemy

A gamblers worst enemy is without a doubt – themselves. Anyone who has gambled recreationally for even a small period of time – even in the most reserved of situations such as just casually with friends at a BBQ will understand how emotions can run high when gambling. Often times this emotion gets a bit too much and it causes us to make irrational decisions.

For those who want to make the most of their time gambling you will need to learn to handle this inner emotional state. Whether you want to be a serious, full time, professional gambler or you are content with just gambling occasionally with your friends you may take it equally as seriously and the consequences could be equally as serious when you are not able to control that emotion.

The gambling world is simple, the ones that make a living doing it are very much like those stealthy tigers in the jungle. If you do not know they are there, you will never see them. But when it is all said and done, they are, invariably the ones who come out on top. Why is this? Well simply put, the ones that make the limelight, the ones that get noticed are the ones make big bets making crazy decisions and are generally spurred on by pure emotion.

On the other hand the tiger is sitting in the corner not doing very much, just spectating on what is going on. As soon as the time is right and all the variables are in place, that is there time to pounce and they jump into action without a moment’s thought. Then they simply slip back to where they came from just as fast as they came in.

When gambling, if you are always involved, then you are simply playing a game that was designed to be impossible to win. However when you pick and choose your opportunities then you will only get involved when there is a better chance that you come out on top.

Of course, if you are just gambling because you enjoy it and have no desire to take it seriously then that is totally fine. Have a good time and be the center of attention. The feeling is fantastic and no one can blame you for wanting it. However, if you are wanting to take it seriously and make a go of it then you must consider taking a back seat.

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