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5 Poker Strategies and Tips to Improve Your Game

5 Poker Strategies and Tips to Improve Your Game

Poker is a game of strategy, which relies heavily on the skill of the player. With a proper strategy you can greatly improve your chance of being an overall winner. Keep in mind, however, that any strategy used at the tables is dependant on what type of players you’re up against. You should be constantly adjusting to your opponent. Here are some strategies to improve your overall game. First poker strategy – Bluffing In poker, a well-time bluff is one of the most powerful strategies you can incorporate into your game. Bluffing should be used against good players sparingly – bad players don’t know how to fold whenever they catch a piece of the board. It’s generally best to attempt bluffs against tight players by being believable and representing a big hand.

Bluffing is an essential skill in no limit texas holdem games, you can bet as much chips as are in front of you, which allows you to put a lot of pressure on an opponent. Against most hands, it’s going to be difficult for a tight player to call a pot sized bet or overbet. If you have a tight table image, your opponents will be more reluctant to get involved in big pots against you, as they will not suspect you to be bluffing.

Second poker strategy – Slowplaying Slowplaying is the act of under representing the strength of your hand. This deceptive strategy fools your opponents into thinking you have nothing when really you have the nuts or close to it. This play can be an effective strategy, but when there is a draw heavy board there are lots of hands that can beat you, so it would be recommended that you not slowplay in these situations because your hand is vulnerable and can easily become the worst hand. For example, if you flop top set but a flush draw is present, don’t slowplay your hand. Just don’t make a common novice mistake of slowplaying every time you make a big hand, more often then not, you want to come out betting!

Third poker strategy – Avoid Playing Easily Dominated Hands Stop playing dominated hands like QT and A3. Usually most of the money you will lose when playing poker will come from being too loose pre-flop and calling with the second best hand. Paying hands that are easily dominated is the main reason for most people to lose at poker. When you don’t know if you have the best hand, you should usually just muck your cards. This will prevent you from having to make tough decisions post flop.

Fourth poker strategy – Play Smaller Stakes Games To Start With. If you’re a beginner don’t be afraid to play in a low-limit game when first getting into poker, because experienced players don’t bother with low-limit games. The players at the table will be at a similar skill level to you.

Fifth poker strategy – Play The Flop Well

When you play poker, a good strategy will be to bet on the flop even when you miss, especially when it’s a heads up pot or there were only a few callers, and you don’t expect the flop to have helped your opponents.

If one of pre-flop raisers bets before you on the flop you can call with two over-cards if you expect them to shut down often on the turn which many bad straightforward players who cbet too much will do. Fold to a bet on the turn unless your hand improves. You use this strategy unless the board looks scary and you may want to represent a big hand when you can expect them to fold to aggression.

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